Collected Thoughts develops content using PANVIVA knowledge management software that allows us to:

  • Create simple and targeted content that your team will love.
  • Simplify the way that you manage your content so that you can stay compliant.
  • Promote a culture of knowledge sharing.
Panviva Certified


wysiwyg editor


All PANVIVA content is developed in an easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor that requires no coding or customization. We use templates, reusable content, and stock text to reduce the time it takes to develop and update your content.

Work flow


In PANVIVA, we can instantly create review and approval workflows. These workflows contain a full end-to-end audit trail and do not require IT configuration.


Powerful search

PANVIVA includes a search engine that can account for typographical errors and save searches. In addition, we’ll teach you how to add metadata to manipulate the order of your search results behind the scenes.


Collaboration Hub

Your users can assign a star rating or indicate more specific feedback on your content. PANVIVA’s Collaboration Hub allows you to route and track the progress of each piece of user feedback that you receive.

Information Architecture

Information architecture

We can use folders to organize content in a way that makes sense for your users. If you have content that needs to be visible in more than one place, we can create references to accommodate that, too!

Quick Links

Quick links

We can make your content more interactive by creating a visual navigation experience to your most popular or frequently accessed content.

PANVIVA has many built-in features that facilitate best-in-class knowledge management. We have summarized some of our favorite features above, but we recommend that you check out PANVIVA’s description of their product to learn more.