Content Management

Our team of certified, experienced professionals will create some or even all of your content!

We use a standard methodology to prepare, create, and publish your content according to your specific needs. We work to develop content with three key qualities:

Accurate. We confirm your procedures and processes with the right people. We aim to eliminate ambiguity and inconsistency.

Easy to follow and understand. Your team members should be able to follow the instructional content we have developed regardless of their experience level, training, or familiarity with the subject matter.

Manageable. We structure your content in a way that avoids repetition of information in multiple places.

Collected Thoughts offers a wide range of services to ensure the success of your knowledge management solution. No job is too big or small for us -- whether you want to supplement your existing knowledge efforts or leave it to us entirely, we can meet your needs.

As part of the content management process, you can request that we:

  • Use your existing content to develop updated, streamlined content. We will use your materials as a resource to create new content that is consistent, avoids repetition, and is aimed directly at the intended audience.
  • Interview your subject matter experts. We will talk to your subject matter experts to understand every step of your business processes.
  • Develop and revise your drafts.. We will prepare and revise an initial draft that your team can review for accuracy and completion.
  • Conduct an editorial review. We will review every piece of content that you have for style, consistency, and usability.
  • Add permissions to your content. We will ensure that the right content is accessible by the right members of your team.
  • Add keywords. We will add metadata to your content to make it more easily searchable.
  • Publish your approved final content. After your content goes through the full review process, we will publish it so that it can be accessed by your team.
  • Provide coaching. We will work with the content developers on your team to help them hone their skills.


Our mission is to optimize your knowledge in a way that helps your business thrive.

image of shared team knowledge

Regardless of what your business is, your greatest asset is knowledge -- a combination of information, skills, and attitudes that define all of your customer interactions. Sometimes that knowledge resides in standard operating procedures, work instructions, call scripts, and other forms of documentation. Sometimes, it can be found in “how-to” videos or training materials. However, most of all, it resides with the people on your team

It is your people who give knowledge life. They add nuances and personal touches that turn good customer experiences into great ones. As a result, your more tenured employees can deliver a first-class customer experience. However, optimal service depends too much on the customer’s luck in reaching the right person. Our goal is to help you build interactions that are consistently great, whether your customers are served by seasoned veterans or representatives who just completed training.